Thursday, September 30, 2004

I Am Whatever You Say I Am

So, you found it. Good job; gold star for you. I'm not sure what direction I'm going to take this in, but anybody that knows me knows that I'm always trying to outdo myself. Whether I'm going to one-up myself by providing more humor, more insight, or what, I don't know. But I promise it'll be good, so keep reading.

I think I'm just running out of ways to make my life quirky enough to be laughable. Don't believe me? Check out my current list of former occupations:
  1. Dietary Aide in the most Nazi-like nursing home in the world.
  2. Manager of an arcade. Yes, with games.
  3. Street magician. Yes, with cards.
  4. D.J. at a strip club. Yes, with breasts.

And now I'm stuck in the firey pit that is known as the cellular industry. This occupation alone has provided its share of moments.

I just have to figure out where to go from here.

Maybe someday I can just combine everything for the ultimate punchline. Although there's probably not a market at the moment for a D.J. at a strip club that serves food while doing magic tricks and telling kids not to shake the freakin' game when it steals their token, but what kind of a hero would I be if I didn't create one?

But I digress.

As for where to go from here, I think I'll start from the beginning. Dig out some treasures from the Xanga and polish them up, delve into them, and such.

It's funny, even as I type this, I have ideas. It's nice to have a spark back.